Whitemud Equine Learning Centre Association

Horse Boarding

WELCA provides limited horse boarding services for individuals. There are two types of board available:

  1. Indoor Board - includes a 10x10 stall, turn out and turn in, slow feeder system in pens, water, salt & mineral blocks.
  2. Outdoor Board - includes slow feeder system in pens, water, salt & mineral blocks.

For people boarding their horse at WELCA, there is limited indoor arena time available when lessons, camps and therapeutic riding programs are not in session. There are also a number of outdoor riding spaces including the City's multi-use trails, the show ground sand rings, and the outdoor arena behind Barn 1.

WELCA has a herd health program managed by Lynda Tennessen in consultation with our veterinarian of record, Dr. Deb Carroll, of West Wind Veterinary Services. The program includes: regular deworming and vaccination schedule, farrier service, and a 21-day isolation period upon entry. Barn staff are on site daily from 6 am - 10 pm.

Upcoming Events

Equine Massage Course

Sept 30-Oct 06

Whitemud Equine Centre Riding Arena – Grand Opening

October 21

Horse Racing Alberta

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