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Arrived at WELCA: July 17, 2008

Birth date: 1992

Breed: Quarter Horse

Gender: Mare

Colour: Palomino

Height: 14hh

Face Markings: Star and connected stripe that extends over right nostril

Leg Markings: None

Works In: Walk-Trot lessons and Little Bits;

History: Donated to WELCA from a family who was leaving their farm, closing and needed to find a good home for her. At first, she was very shy with strangers and liked to keep her personal space. With almost daily training and care from her horse sponsor, Ali-Cat was given a slow introduction to the lesson program and then to Little Bits. She receives on-going training and has become a valuable member of the WELCA family.

Personality: Sensitive, adored by all little girls as “The Princess Pony”. Loves to go outside with the Little Bits group.

Herd Hierarchy: High to Top

Riding Traits: Forward in the walk, Ali-Cat keeps up with the bigger horses. Perfect for the confident rider who needs a bit of challenge and speed, while still looking after her Little Bits riders with care.

Extra Care Needs: Extra training time.

Upcoming Events

Wildrose Schooling Shows

July 8/9

Pony Up Camp (M-F) SOLD OUT

July 3-7 Ages 4-6 in the morning / Ages 7-9 in the afternoon
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Horsing Around Camp (M-F)

July 10-14 Ages 9-14
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Horsing Around Camp (M-F) SOLD OUT

July 17-21 Ages 9- Adult

Old Barn Auction Sale

July 15 Viewing: 11am - 3pm / Auction: 3:30pm

River Valley Horse Show

July 20-23

Horsing Around Camp (M-F) SOLD OUT

July 24-28 Ages 9-14
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Pony Club Show

July 29/30

Horsing Around Camp (M-F) SOLD OUT

August 7-11 Ages 9-14
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Edmonton Kennel Club Regional Dog Show

August 10-13

Pony Up Day Camp (M-F) SOLD OUT

August 14-18 Ages 4-9 in the morning / Ages 4-9 in the afternoon
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Pony Up 1/2 Day Camps SOLD OUT

August 21-25 Ages 4-9 in the morning / Ages 4-9 in the afternoon
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Advanced Equine Massage Course

Aug 07-Sept 15

ANR Pony Club Regional Horse Show

August 18-20

Equine Massage Course

Sept 30-Oct 06

Whitemud Equine Centre Riding Arena – Grand Opening

October 21

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