Whitemud Equine Learning Centre Association


Arrived at WELCA: September 4, 2012

Birth date: 1995

Breed: Quarter Horse

Gender: Gelding

Colour: Chestnut

Height: 15.2hh

Face Markings: Small star

Leg Markings: None

Works In: Walk, trot, canter, and cross-rail jumping lessons, and Little Bits

History: Leased to WELCA

Personality: A social guy, he is always looking for a friend nearby. Sometimes he will get all the horses in his pen to run and play and kick up their heels with him, but he is always very gentle with people.

Herd Hierarchy:

Riding Traits: Dee does not give up anything for free. He likes to make his riders think and work just as hard as he does, and he is a great teacher for using correct riding aids. He is very sensitive and requires a sensitive, aware rider.

Extra Care Needs: Sometimes gets sore feet in damp or muddy weather. To prevent this, he needs to come in and dry off his feet for the night so he stays happy and sound.

Upcoming Events

Learn To Ride Program

Fall Program starts November 19
Winter Program starts January 28
8 week or 5 week program

Mark Laskin Jumping Clinic

December 2 - Audit tickets available

Horse Racing Alberta

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