Whitemud Equine Learning Centre Association

Fluffy (Registered Name: Stone Country’s Tough Enough)

Arrived at WELCA: April 24, 2010

Birth date: 2003

Breed: Welsh Mountain A

Gender: Gelding

Colour: Chestnut with flaxen mane/tail

Height: 11.3hh

Face Markings: Star with disjointed blaze

Leg Markings: 2 hind socks

Works In: Walk, trot, canter, & jumping lessons

History: Came to WELCA as a boarder and joined the lesson program approximately 2012, on a full lease. On January 10, 2014, Fluffy was purchased by WELCA and we became his permanent home.

Personality: Fluffy loves his food! You know that it’s mealtime when he and his pen-mate, Jasper the Donkey, start calling out to barn staff. His good looks, cute antics, and tiny stature win the hearts of everyone he meets.

Herd Hierarchy: High

Riding Traits: Very talented and a lot of determination. He is like the energizer bunny with limitless energy. Bold and forward, he things he is a horse not a pony! Some riders find him bouncy by he is always a fun ride.

Extra Care Needs: None

Upcoming Events

Learn To Ride Program

Fall Program starts November 19
Winter Program starts January 28
8 week or 5 week program

Mark Laskin Jumping Clinic

December 2 - Audit tickets available

Horse Racing Alberta

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