Whitemud Equine Learning Centre Association


Arrived at WELCA: March 2004 (approx)

Birth date: 1990

Breed: Grade (mixed breed)

Gender: Gelding

Colour: Grey

Height: 15.3hh

Face Markings: N/A

Leg Markings: N/A

Works In: Walk-Trot lessons and Little Bits

History: Joker was bought by WELCA at an auction. He has an “XO” branding mark on his right hind that we haven’t been able to find much about.

Personality: Lives up to his name. He likes to pretend he’s a giraffe when you need to bridle him or do anything around his face. This is not out of fear, but simply because he thinks it’s funny to make himself tall and out of reach. It’s all done in fun and Joker is a very kind boy who carries all his riders with care.

Herd Hierarchy: Top

Riding Traits: Won’t go at all unless he has a leader or a horse in front to follow. He pretends that his feet get stuck in the sand, which he thinks is just hilarious. He is a great fit for pony rides and Little Bits.

Extra Care Needs: Has an old scar on his left leg that was treated in the past. The skin is very sensitive and needs to be wrapped and protected in the winter. He is also on probiotics to help his digestion and keep up his weight, and has seasonal allergies that affect his breathing. He requires daily care to keep him happy and healthy.

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