Whitemud Equine Learning Centre Association


Each year at WELCA, 2,200 Edmontonians of all ages discover the joys of equine sports or rekindle their love of horses, and over 600 Edmonton children develop the confidence and self-esteem needed to excel at school, succeed in life, and become leaders in the community. For over a decade, WELCA has made it easier for people with physical and mental health issues to access equine-assisted therapy in the heart of the city, increasing their quality of life and well-being.

Run mostly by volunteers, WELCA is dedicated to improving the lives of Edmontonians through equine-related activities. We plan to contribute even more by making Edmonton a world-class centre for equine research, learning, and therapy.


WELCA is undertaking an exciting redevelopment!

The Whitemud Equine Centre Arena Replacement Project started construction in May 2016.

The new facility will include a riding arena, stables for programs, a classroom, reception area, spectator seating and indoor washrooms.

The old arena will be demolished once the new facility is open which allows WELCA programs to continue throughout construction. The City of Edmonton will continue annual structural assessments and provide base maintenance to ensure safety.

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Redevelopment Groundbreaking!

We know how to break ground here at WELCA! You can also view another video at Global Edmonton's website.

Upcoming Events

Alberta Northern Region Pony Club Show

August 26-28

2016 Fall Horsemanship Classes Begin

September 3

WELCA Summer Fun Show

September 3/4 ( more information )

AEF/NCCP Equestrian Theory

September 10

Little Bits Therapeutic Riding - Fall Session begins

September 11


October 5

Hoofbeats and Heartbeats Gala, Fort Edmonton Park

October 14

Horse Racing Alberta

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